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Better Legal Knowledge Leads to...

Strategy planning


LEO with a better grasp of the law will have increased confidence that they are doing their job correctly when interacting with the public.


LEO are more trusted by their community when officers know the laws of their jurisdiction inside and out.


Education in a legal field will empower an officer with the tools he needs to be an honest and trustworthy public servant.

Law School:

Louisiana State University, Juris Doctorate, 1997


Louisiana State University B.S. (Microbiology, 1993)


Norman Comeaux was a state prosecutor for two years in New Orleans before joining the FBI as a Special Agent. After working for several years as a street agent, he was promoted to the FBI legal department and served as the Chief Division Counsel in Mississippi for 14 years. Among other duties, he provided training to the FBI as well as local and state police in various legal areas including constitutional law. In addition to going to police departments and providing legal training, he has also been speaking for over 15 years at various police conferences in Mississippi on legal updates — that is, new cases that have an impact on LEOs in Mississippi.
He retired from the FBI in May of 2021 and shortly thereafter provided 4th amendment training online via Virtual Academy to law enforcement officers throughout the United States. He wants to continue to provide training to LEO on legal issues in order to help them succeed. Through this website, he provides timely explanations and analyses of Mississippi and Federal criminal cases that will hopefully help officers who may not get legal training every year. At the very least, they will not have to wait for a conference to hear about new cases that impact their profession.

I was a prosecutor for two years in New Orleans and tried approximately 100 jury trials and numerous other Judge trials and motions. I know what a prosecutor seeks when working with LEOs. I was a Special Agent with the FBI for 21 years and worked bank robberies, drugs, and white-collar matters. I know how important it is to work a case correctly under the law to ensure that it will be prosecuted. I was in the legal department of the FBI for 16 years - two as an assistant in Louisiana and 14 as the CDC in Mississippi. I have been teaching to LEOs in Mississippi for many years including providing legal updates to all of the Chiefs of police in Mississippi at their annual conference for the last 15 years.



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