The Mississippi Board on Law Enforcement Officers Standard and Training (BLEOST) has approved my teaching on the following courses.

Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendment Training

a – z course on 4th, 5th, and 6th amendment covering search, seizure, terry, plain view, plain feel, consent, protective sweep, search incident to arrest, k-9, and much more.

U.S. Supreme Court Updates on Criminal Law

Every year the supreme court issues a number of new cases which directly impact LEOs.  This course will provide an overview and detailed analysis of the new cases.

First Amendment Training

This course covers imminent lawless action as well as true threat cases and also includes cases involving flag destruction, cross burning, and videotaping police in action.

Liability for Police Ranges

This course discusses 1983 liability for police officers, municipal liability, and best practices for firearm training from a legal standpoint.

Social Media for Law Enforcement

Course reviews legal balance of police officers commenting on social media vs. the state’s interest in promoting the efficiency of public services through its employees.

1983 Claims (Shootings)

course discusses 42 usc 1983 claims for officer involved shootings.  officers will leave with better understanding of process as well as recent court decisions.

MTCA Claims (Car Accidents)

Course explains mississippi tort claims act process for car accidents and other torts that officers may face in their job.  mississippi cases are discussed to understand potential liability for the officer and their police department.

Legal Training for Crisis Negotiation

topics include:  media during a crisis event, electronic surveillance issues, miranda issues, promises made during negotiation, and potential liability issues for both a negotiator and the police department.

If there is another legal course that you would like (or if you are outside of Mississippi and would like a course tailored to your state), I am happy to discuss that with you as well.